【Caution】Warning on Email Spoofing

We would like to inform you that during recent period, emails have been sent by individuals claiming to be an worker of Protoleaf.Inc
and using Protoleaf domain name(@protoleaf.co.jp) to ask to open the attached file.

Such emails are fraudulent and are not in any way connected to Protoleaf.
If you receive any e-mail which are suspicious or irrelevant, please do not open the attachment or click any URL in the e-mail
since there's a risk of virus or fraudulent access.

We made following countermeasures to avoid any risk of virus infection.
1 Updating the latest virus checker and delete such virus.
2.Installing the latest anti-virus software on every employee's PC on daily basis.

Unfortunately there's PC which has records of xxxx@protoleaf.co.jp which is beyond our control, it's difficult to root out such a spoofing emails.
If a suspicious email is received, please do not open the attached file nor access any link.

It is important to note that without having contact from valued customers, we would not know what fraudulent e-mail have been sent.
We will keep doing our best to prevent any virus infection. Your kind corporation will be highly appreciated.

Best regards

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